We love Japanese Pop-culture

Why Tomodachi Translations?

We look though the soul of the sentences, its context, its different connotations and expressiveness, we offer an authentic interpretation.


- Translation and localization
- Lettering (comics)
- Social media strategy and management 
- We’re always open to new challenges related to growing Japanese pop culture internationally, so please get in touch if you would like to work together on something new!

How we work

Tomodachi' means 'friend', therefore  we believe that teamwork is the key to creating captivating texts.
To ensure that grammar, meaning and cultural nuances are accurately translated, your text is always reviewed by a translator and an editor. Naturally, we also consider the client as part of our team, and enjoy working closely with you and your suggestions.


We take pride in breaking language barriers to create intercultural communities, and strongly believe in the power of community.
This is why besides simply translating, we are always happy to help a client build their professional network across the globe.

"We are passionated about what we do. We bridge different cultures and its  evolving languages"

Tomodachi translations